About Me


I’m a Brooklyn-based writer and editor who covers everything lifestyle. As a style writer at The Observer I report on health and wellness (especially weird yoga), royal news, music, relationships and The Bachelor.

I’ve freelanced for Teen Vogue and Tiger Beat, where I interviewed Justin Bieber for the relaunch cover story. 

I’ve also covered Southern style for Southern LivingTotal Sorority Move, HelloGiggles and Racked.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

Chris Carrabba on Reviving Emo With Dashboard Confessional

We Got Older But We’re Still Young: Emo Night in Brooklyn

Vera Bradley at Vogue: One Southerner Makes Peace with New York Style

The 11 Most Unrealistic Things To Ever Happen In Gossip Girl History

A Bittersweet Goodbye To New Orleans

Take a look at my portfolio. You can also say hello on Twitter, where I talk about early 2000s emo music and teen television.

Shoot me an email at mabrams@observer.com if you have a pitch you’d like to send me.


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